Godwin is a good listener, easy to talk to, and very personable. As a coach, he helped me hold a mirror up to myself and see my positive qualities and strengths. We discussed what he called my “USP” – unique selling point – which helped me gain confidence and build a game plan for moving forward. Talking to him is always very helpful, and I recommend him as a coach!


~ Elizabeth M.

Having a coach that understand ADHD on a personal level was amazing! Godwin knew deeply how it affects me, which made coaching with him so much more valuable!

I would definetly come back for more coaching with him!

~ Lauren F.

A close friend gifted me a session with ADHD. I don’t have ADHD myself, but seeing the difference, Godwin had made in my friend. I had one session with him, and I enjoyed it. He made me think about things differently. He was friendly and understanding and even offered me another session; I appreciate his generosity. He is a competent coach, even if you don’t have ADHD.
Thank you, Coach Godwin.

~ Lewis T.